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And God Came to Ireland

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A Hilary Patrick Production

And God Came to Ireland is a film with captivating images, majestic music, and a thought-provoking story.  It is the story of the Christian faith that claimed Celtic Ireland sixteen hundred years ago.

The Story

Diane Crehan is an author and a Scripture Storyteller.  Well acquainted with the history of Celtic Ireland, she has written and narrated the story of a people who embraced Christianity in its most essential form, practiced it without imperial intervention, and proclaimed it to the wider world.

The Film

Patrick Crehan has been filming the rare beauty of the Irish countryside and the stark stones of ancient monasteries for fifteen years.  For this film he has also traveled from his family home in Ireland to Scotland, France, Italy, and Israel.

The Music

Tim Janis is an acclaimed American composer whose music stirs the spirit.  There is a Celtic influence in his music which provides the perfect complement for this engaging story.


Directed and filmed by Patrick Crehan.  Written, narrated, and edited by Diane Crehan.  Music composed, arranged, and produced by Tim Janis (  Image of Christ with Four Angels from The Book of Kells used with permission from Bridgeman Art Library International, LTD, New York, NY. ___________________________

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Comments from The Prayer Foundation

This is a truly beautiful film, both in its cinematography, and in its message.  As Monk Bob commented, "The scenes of Ireland are so peaceful."  Telling the story of the conversion of the Irish people by St. Patrick from paganism to Christianity, this excellent Documentary also provides an excellent summary of the history of monasticism from its very beginnings, and leading up to and including that of the Celtic missionary monks that evangelized Europe. _______________________________

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