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         Movie Review: A.D.

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Movie Review

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 Color / 6 Hours

This DVD is playable in US and Canada Only.

Mini-Series ___________

A Vincenzo LaBella Production starring: Anthony Andrews, Colleen Dewhurst, Ava Gardner, David Hedison, John Houseman, Richard Kiley, James Mason, John McEnery, Ian McShane, Jennifer O'Neill, Millie Perkins, Denis Quilley, Fernando Rey, Richard Roundtree, Susan Sarandon, Ben Vereen, Tony Vogel, Jack Warden, Anthony Zerbe.

Also starring: Neil Dickson, Cecil Humpheys, Jonathan Hyde, Amanda Pays, Philip Sayer, Diane Venora, Bruce Winant.

Directed by Stuart Cooper.  Written by Anthony Burgess and Vincenzo LaBella.  Executives in charge of production:Jack Wishard and George Jensen.  Line Producer/Editor: John A. Martinelli.  Music by Lalo Schiffrin. Adapted from the Proctor & Gamble Productions, Inc. Mini-Series.

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Plan of Salvation _________

Compelling Drama of the Early Church...Continues Where Jesus of Nazareth Leaves Off

From the Producer of Jesus of Nazareth

(James Mason, Susan Sarandon, Ava Gardner, Richard Roundtree, Ben Vereen, John Houseman, Fernando Rey)

Photo: Character in "A.D." Mini-Series. Unique Nine-Hour Mini-Series

A.D. is a rich epic-length drama which vividly depicts the rising confrontation between the mighty Roman Empire, Jewish zealots, and early Christians.  Painstakingly researched by acclaimed producer Vincenzo Labella, this unique nine-hour mini-series intersperses Biblical narrative with historic incidents and engaging fictional characters. 

Photo: Charactor from A.D. Photo: Character in "A.D." Mini-Series.  Photo: Character from "A.D." Mini-Series. Photo: Character in "A.D." Mini-Series.

Rejoice with Christ's disciples at Pentecost, cry with them at the stoning of Stephen.  See the Church grow as Saul is dramatically converted, Peter performs wonders, and Philip baptizes the Ethiopian.  Discover the barbarous treatment of Christians at the hand of Roman leaders.  And, finally, witness the great triumph of the Church despite persecution and the martyrdom of Peter and Paul. ________________________________

Our Comments:

"'A.D.', (abbreviation for the Latin 'Anno Domini', which means: 'In the Year of our Lord')  By the Producer of the 'Jesus of Nazareth' Mini-Series, it takes up where that one left off, telling the story of the Book of Acts, along with the fictional story of Ruth, a Jewish woman taken as a slave to Rome, and of Caleb her brother, a Jewish Zealot who goes to Rome and becomes a Gladiator in an attempt to find and rescue Ruth.  It is also the story of the Roman officer that Ruth falls in love with.  These stories are set against the historical background of the Roman Emperors and Empire of the time immediately after Christ's crucifixion and Resurrection, and how this affected Israel, Rome, Romans, Christians, and the Jewish people.  Woven throughout is the story of the early Church as told in the Bible's Book of Acts: Jesus' Resurrection and appearances to the Disciples, including the road to Emmaus, The Day of Pentecost, Saul/Paul's persecution of Christians and  __________________________________

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 conversion on the Damascus road, Philip's baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch, the confrontation with Simon Magus (the Magician), Peter's vision and preaching to Cornelius, and the subsequent lives of Peter and Paul. In short, this Mini-Series contains many scenes from the book of Acts not included in any other film.  Omissions of some of the supernatural events places the Biblical accuracy below that of the Peter and Paul Mini-Series that deals with the same time period."  

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