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Carol & Brother Paul

Brother Paul is currently a full-time Evangelist and Missionary with Cutting Edge Ministries.  He is also the Founder of the Celtic Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), and the author of the book: Celtic Christianity: Yesterday, Today, and for the Future.

Image: Front Cover of the book, "Celtic Chrisatianity Yesterday, Today, and for the Future"  Copyright 2002 Paul D. J. Arblaster.  All Rights Reserved.

Paul D. J. Arblaster was born in Bloxwich, England, in 1951.  A graduate of the London Film School, he also holds a B.A. from the University of Oregon.  

  Besides being involved in the international antiques trade and teaching for many years, he has produced numerous documentaries throughout his career.  

  In the early 1980's, he founded an international Christian motorcycle group and directed Steve McQueen: Full Throttle to Glory, which was voted among the top ten documentaries on Public Access Television. 

   Apart from classic motorcycles, antique hunting and Celtic Christianity, his interests include maritime lore, history and walking ancient pathways with his American wife, Carol.  They have three children. _______________

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Photo: of Paul and Carol Arblaster in Britain.

Tell others about Jesus like Brother Paul & Carol do:

Though not all Christians are called to the ministry of Evangelist and Missionary, or Christian Musician, we are all called by God to share our faith (witness) with those who are not Christians.  Some Bible verses that you will find helpful for doing this, and that you may want to commit to memory are found on other pages on our  web site (see: Memory Verses; 2nd Set: Salvation!, Plan of Salvation, and Statement of Faith). _________________

"In the Christmas Season of 2005 we felt blessed to be able to meet with Brother Paul and his wife Carol here in Vancouver, Washington (they were visiting from England) where they serve in full-time Christian ministry.  We call on all who read this page to support them with your prayers."

-The Prayer Foundation  __________________________________

Photo: of Brother Paul at his Chaplaincy at a 13th century Chapel in Glastonbury, England.

Brother Paul's Chaplaincy at 13th century St. Mary Magdalene, Glastonbury, England.

Paul & Carol Arblaster

-excerpted from an informational pamphlet by Paul D. J. Arblaster (Brother Paul)

U.K. Churches Closing Down

Christianity has been in Britain since before Augustine.  It comes as a surprise to learn that this land that produced such Christian giants as John Wycliffe, John Wesley, C. H. Spurgeon, and C. S. Lewis has now become one of the neediest new mission fields in the world!

Apathy reigns while Cults, Islam, and the occult are rapidly on the rise.  Christianity in the U.K. has entered into drastic decline and churches are closing, sometimes even being converted into mosques.

Bible Believing Christians Now Account for Less than 3 Persons per 1000 of the Population

Muslim worshippers flock to the Birmingham City Mosque and now the new Saddam Hussein Memorial Mosque opened in Perry Barr.  Free speech is threatened under new laws favoring Islam as some northern town councils have been taken over.  

Alarmingly, Bible believing Christians now account for less than 3 persons per 1000 of the population.  This nation desperately needs workers willing to devote themselves to spreading the Gospel.

In this Way, a CEM Evangelist Becomes More Than a Single Missionary at Work in the Field 

Cutting Edge Ministries seeks to meet this need by inspiring believers to fulfill Christ's call to the Great Commission in these latter days, but time is of the essence.  You can help!  

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers..." -Ephesians 6:12

The few churches still functioning in Britain with a desire to reach their communities desperately need assistance.  CEM provides training and experience for believers who lack confidence in sharing their faith effectively.  CEM's dynamic team inspires boldness and joy where once dwelt a spirit of defeat and intimidation.  

To Revive the Christian Faith in Britain

In this way, a CEM evangelist becomes more than a single missionary at work in the field.   

By training a multitude of workers, a greater harvest is reaped.  1st century evangelical models are combined with 21st Century technology and media to revive the Christian faith in Britain. _____________________________

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Carol Arblaster's Celtic Christian Music CDs at:

Image: Celtic music CD, "Celtic Harp Offering" by Carol Arblaster.     "Celtic Harp Offering"

Image: of the front cover of the CD, "Brendan Soul: A Celtic Companion" by Carol Arblaster.



"Brendan Soul"


Image: "Holy Thorn" CD by Carol Arblaster. "Holy Thorn"

Photo: of Paul and Carol Arblaster on the coast of Wales.   Brother Paul & Carol on the Welsh Coast, at the spot from which St. Patrick is said to have left on his historic mission to Ireland. 

Paul (background)

  • London Film School and University of Oregon graduate.

  • Successful educator for 11 years.

  • Experienced speaker and cinematographer.

  • Published author and poet.

  • Church outreach leadership involvement for 25 years.

  • Newly appointed evangelist to CEM team.

Carol (background)

  • Experienced teaching assistant and landscaper/gardener (National Trust). 

  • Talented singer and musician (Celtic harp and guitar).

  • Dedicated host and visitation volunteer.

  • Student prayer-life facilitator.

Cutting Edge Ministries

Evangelism Support for Local Churches

CEM is an interdenominational ministry remaining Biblically sound.  It is also an upstanding member of the Evangelical Alliance.

CEM Will:

  • Train believers to share their faith effectively.

  • Promote neighborhood evangelism.

  • Nurture cell groups / church growth / relationships.

  • Generate and distribute effective, dynamic literature and media that facilitates delivery of the Gospel.

  • Reach diverse ethnic communities (the U.K. has large populations from the former British Empire: Pakistan, India, Jamaica, Africa, Asia, etc.)

  • Organize special presentations and popular events by enlisting gifted volunteers promoting the Gospel (age / theme appropriate) to audience.

  • Institute Gospel outreach at secular events and pagan festivals. 

"Cutting Edge Ministries inspires and motivates churches to take seriously the command of Jesus to 'go with the good news'."  

-Stuart Pascal, National Bible Teacher (U.K.)

Contact Info.:


P. Arblaster (CEM); 32 Farrant Ave. Churchdown, Gloucester GL3 2BP; England

(U.K. Registered Charity No. 1054663)


M&M   P. Arblaster (CEM); c/o C.B.C.; P.O. Box 1144; Florence, Oregon 97439 U.S.A.

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