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"Is i an t-àilleantachd maise nam ban." ("Modesty is the beauty of women."              -Old Gaelic Saying)


Image: The Prayer Foundation logo (with white Celtic cross on a green shield).

"To Promote Prayer among all Christians and Proclaim Christ to the World!"


Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."Photo: Monk Linda after skiing; Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon.  Copyright 2008 S.G.P.  All Rights Reserved. Monk Linda after a day of skiing.  Timberline Lodge, top of Mt. Hood, Oregon. (2008)

Photo: of our actual Celtic Cross Shield (TM).  The Prayer Foundation Logo and Trademark.  Phot Copyright 2007 S.G.P.  All Rights Reserved.


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Monk Linda at Kesariani Monastery (Athens, Greece).  Copyright 2001 S.G.P.  All Rights Reserved. Monk Linda in Greece (2001)

Photo: of Monk Linda.  Copyright 2003 S.G.P.  All Rights Reserved. Monk Linda in Portland (2003) ________________