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("Mol an latha math mu oidhche."  "Praise the good day at the close of it." -Old Gaelic Saying)


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Monk Ellen & Monk Hans
                                                                                                                     Push-pin bullet Ministries:

Monk Hans and Monk Ellen are the Founders of St. Brendan's in the Pines Ministries (Isanti, Minnesota)

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  • Their ministry provides training, equipping and encouragement for new missionaries.

                                   aball1i.gif (324 bytes) Missionary Respite & Recovery:

  • They also have a hermitage ministry of a providing a place of respite and recovery for qualified returning foreign missionaries as space is available.  St. Brendan's has opened their doors in Christian welcome to several returning missionaries, at the hermitage in Isanti for a period of respite and recovery.

 (St. Brendan's in the Pines is an affiliated "Chapter" of The Prayer Foundation .)  
Push-pin bullet Meetings Open to the Public:
In 2010, They will be holding meetings on the third Saturday night of each month at 6:00 PM at the St. Brendan's hermitage near Isanti, MN. (E-mail for directions:  
Their meetings through July will focus on "The Path of Celtic Prayer" by Dr. Calvin Miller including a video by Dr. Miller and study on the six areas of Celtic prayer life .
There will be a time of worship at each meeting, with communion and prayer.
(In March they'll take a day off from the regular study, and will be showing a movie about the life and ministry of St. Patrick). 

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