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Monk Danny's Jazz CD! Image: The Prayer Foundation logo (with white Celtic cross on a green shield).  

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Portland, Oregon native Danny Drayer has been actively involved in the field of music since the age of seven.  Self taught and with a sensitive ear, he has explored the waters of progressive jazz ever since, as both a songwriter and musician.

Interrupted for a time by a nearly fatal illness, he has  emerged with a renewed sense of inspiration and resolve.  It is Danny's hope that listeners to this album collection will share in that inspiration.  A dedicated Christian, he currently serves as one of  the members of the Board of Directors of The Prayer Foundation. _________________






























































































































Photo: of the cover of Danny L. Drayer's CD, "Take It Easy" showing Monk Danny standing in a riverfront park with his guitar.

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                "easy Listening" jazz:

  Monk Danny's "easy-listening" Jazz CD, "Take It Easy".  Produced, arranged, composed, and all instruments played by Danny (also see:  About Monk Danny).  

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