Monk Bob: Street Preacher

"Buinidh urram do'n aois." 

("Honour belongs to old age." -Old Gaelic Saying

Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."


Photo: Green Monk.


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Article directly below  & photo re-printed by permission from:                                        Hearts For The Harvest---Street Stories #1

     Here is a precious picture of a man in his seventies who is working on a daily basis in the harvest in downtown Portland, Oregon.  He sits on the bus transit mall on a folding stool holding this sign.  As people walk by or wait for a bus, Bob reads or quotes scripture to them and offers them tracts.  He often faces opposition.  Since downtown Portland is a marketplace, businesses do not want him sitting on his stool anywhere near their business, even if he is far from their door.  Sometimes they call the police, who then have to inform the business owners of Bob's Constitutional  rights to be on a public sidewalk.  Some of the young people have given him a hard time as well because he is older.  He has even been hit and pushed.  He gets called all kinds of names, but he keeps on because Jesus has given him a "burning heart" for the lost that walk the streets.  We all need to be very, very thankful that we live in a nation where the public proclamation of the Gospel, as well as all other speech, is Constitutionally protected.


About Monk Bob:

    "There is nothing more beautiful than an "on-fire" Christian.  There are no people more beautiful."  -Monk Bob

     Monk Bob was born in 1926 into an Irish family living in Santa Monica, California, making him 81 yrs. old today (2007).  In 1946 he was born-again into God's family when he repented of his sins and asked Jesus into his heart, accepting him as his Lord and Savior.  This happened  when Bob was 19 yrs. old.  He was serving in WWII on the Aircraft Carrier "Saidor," and noticed a friend reading the Bible.  Bob asked his friend where he could get one to read, too.  After reading a few of the Gospels, Bob became a Christian.  Ironically, a few years later he met the same friend and asked him how long he had been a Christian.  Unfortunately, Bob's friend had never given his life to Christ; he had been reading the Bible but didn't know Jesus.

     At age 20, with only $1.20 in his pocket, Bob went on a faith preaching outreach across the country to New York City and back.  Later, playing trumpet and evangelizing, Bob toured California up to San Francisco with a blind Christian brother who played the accordion.


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Newspaper photo of Monk Bob street preaching with his "Jesus loves you" sign. _____________

Photo: close-up of Monk Bob street preaching.

This was taken of Monk Bob while he was sharing the Gospel in downtown Portland. ____________________

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