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Supporters of The Prayer Foundation ™ can Register as Affiliated Lay Monks (Oblates).


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Knights of Prayer ™ Lay Monks Ordinary Christians Living a Life of Prayer and Evangelical Monasticism in Daily Life           ________________________________________

Oblate: (from the Latin offerre; to offer).  A layperson dedicated to religious life.  A layperson affiliated with a religious community.

Our policy is not to ask for donations (we do not do mailings, fund raising, etc.) but to go only to God in prayer (in this we are following the examples of George Mόller and Hudson Taylor).

Those who wish to be regular Supporters of The Prayer Foundation ™ can begin making their monthly contributions by Regular Mail to:

The Prayer Foundation, P.O. Box 17482, Portland, OR 97217-0482

Checks or Money Orders should be made out to: The Prayer Foundation.                     ________________________________________

 As of 5/16/07 we have Registered Lay Monks (Oblates) in 5 Countries.  

A Total, Bible-based, Christ-centered, Born-again Evangelical Monastic Lifestyle

You can become a Lay Monk with our Knights of Prayer ™ Monastic Order while remaining in your own home, job, career, life.  You can do so whether you are single, married, male or female.

Historically, this has been known as "Oblate" status.  We are a Christian Religious Order that gives Full Lay Monk Status to our "Oblates."

Your Goals must be to Grow in Christ, to Become a Man or Woman of Draw Closer to God, that He might Draw Closer to You


  • (1.) Agreement With our Statement of Faith.  Our Board of Directors have determined that one of the Requirements for Monks in the Knights of Prayer ™ Monastic Order shall be complete acceptance and agreement with our Statement of Faith, and that this is also required for anyone wishing to host/lead (and/or be listed on our Web Site as an affiliated Prayer Foundation meeting: Film Night, Prayer Meeting, Bible Study, "Hours" Service, Witnessing Team,  etc.).
  • (2.) Prescribed Course of Study.  We have posted a prescribed course of study that includes reading the Bible, recommended readings by Christian writers and teachers, scripture memorization, prayer, and other Christian disciplines (see our: Growing In Christ Monastic Training Course).

  • (3.) Observance of Daily Hours of Prayer.  We invite you to join us in observance of Morning, Noon, and Evening Prayers (Actual Times of observance are flexible.  See: Daily Prayer: Praying the Hours).  Postulant, Novice, and Full Lay Monks who live outside of the monastery (Oblates) are required to observe That those Monks who reside outside of our monastery observe a minimum of "The Basics" of the three Daily Prayer (Hours): The Lord's Prayer, The 23rd Psalm, Psalm 117.

  • (4.) Pray for Prayerchain Requests and this Ministry.  We ask that registered Monks spend a minimum of 15 minutes per week in prayer for the daily prayer requests made to The Prayer Foundation ™   (see: 24-hour Prayerchain), and additionally make mention each day in your personal prayers for The Prayer Foundation ™, its Ministries, Monks and leadership.

  • (5.) Support This Ministry (and Receive a Monk Certificate & Card).  Support this ministry by making a regular monthly contribution in support of our global outreach ministry of Prayer Teaching and Evangelism.  Unlike most ministries, we do not send out mailings asking for donations or do fund-raising, but only go to the Lord in prayer for the needs of this ministry.  

  • Those who are "already Monks in their hearts" who desire a formal recognition of this fact, and who are supporters of The Prayer Foundation ™ may, if they so choose, upon making a (Registration) donation of $30.00 or more, may request to receive a Monastic Registration Wall Certificate and Wallet-sized Registration Card, both inscribed with their names (see: Monk Certificate and Card).  Please specify exactly how you wish your name to appear on your Certificate & Card.

Note: It takes two years to attain "Full" Lay Monk Status, but you receive "Postulant" Monk status immediately, progressing to "Novice" level status in your second year.

(Additional explanations of monastic terms can be found on our page: Monk Certificate and Card)

We listen daily to Dr. J. Vernon Mcgee's Thru the Bible Radio Program and to The Bible Answer Man Radio Program (Hank Hanegraaff) as much as we are able.  You can find out times and stations in your area by going to (Dr. McGee) and (Bible Answer Man).  Highly recommended.


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