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Dr. J. Vernon McGee


What J. Vernon McGee is best at is in instilling in you his love for the Word of God, and a desire to live a holy life before Him.  Dr. McGee's presentation of God's love for us, his emphasis on our salvation available only through Christ, and on all the important doctrines of the Christian Faith, and his doing so with humor and a gift for storytelling make listening to him a total joy. __________________

Note: In addition to the regular weekday program, there is also a Saturday "Questions and Answers" program, and a "Sunday Sermons" program on Sundays.) __________________

Where We Differ With Dr. McGee

     The Prayer Foundation agrees with Dr. McGee's teaching over 99% of the time.  Where we differ: unlike McGee, we do not take an official stand on certain Non-Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith. By non-essential we mean; doctrines or teaching that are not essential to Salvation;  to becoming, or being a Christian.  Christians may differ in their belief for or against these Doctrines while still remaining within the pale of orthodoxy.    __________________

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Recommended Christian Ministry:

"Thru The Bible"

"As we go through the Bible, we'll find the Lord Jesus Christ on almost every page."                   - J. Vernon McGee 

 Dr. McGee's Radio Program (1/2 hr. a day, 5 days a week) goes through the entire Bible, verse by verse, in 5 years. We would not miss it, and we think that once you hear J. Vernon McGee, you'll feel the same way! 

We Listen Every Day

     We would like to introduce you to (if you are not already familiar with him) our favorite Bible Teacher for the Bible as a whole, Dr. J. Vernon McGee. 

     It has been the practice of the Monks of The Prayer Foundation since 1998 (we didn't legally incorporate until a year later) to spend one-half hour a day, five days a week, listening to the radio; to the wonderful Bible teaching of this very knowledgeable man of God.

A Five Year Bible Program

     Although Dr. McGee went home to be with the Lord over 17 years ago (as of June, 2005), his teaching continues through  recorded messages going out in over 100 languages throughout the whole world.

    Dr. J. Vernon McGee's teaching goes through the whole Bible, verse by verse, in a five year program.  It then starts over again, and has been repeating time after time.  We have been listening for three years, so there are still two years of his teaching on the Bible that we have yet to hear.

    You'll Enjoy Listening, Too

     We also listen to the Bible on cassette tape, read it aloud to each other, study it individually, and also read and study other Christian Books and teaching.  We find that hearing Bible teaching every day is an added dimension and blessing not replaced by anything else mentioned above.

     Many people comment on the shock (at first) of hearing his extreme Texas accent.  But this you quickly get used to.  

Study God's Word, Know His Truth

      We highly recommend and encourage you to make daily listening to Dr. McGee a part of your spiritual program. 

 The individual Monks and Supporters of The Prayer Foundation   hold differing opinions on the following teaching; some agreeing with one or both of them; some strongly disagreeing with one or both of them. We leave this up to the individual.   

  • Dr. McGee is a traditional Calvinist Dispensationalist. This means that he would disagree with "Pentecostal" or "Charismatic" teaching; feeling that it is not for our  present time period. (Another orthodox Christian view: that



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The Bible will be your Text for the next five years; and for the rest of your life.

 "the Gifts of the Spirit" in the New Testament are still for Christians today).


  • Dr. McGee teaches the doctrine of "Eternal Security" ("once saved, always saved;" that a person can not or will not reject their salvation once they become a Christian. Since many seem to do just this, it is also taught that these persons must not ever really have been saved in the first place). (Another orthodox Christian view: that an individual can choose to reject Jesus and their Salvation after becoming a Christian).


     After eight years of sitting daily under the wonderful teaching of Dr. McGee (as of June, 2005), that shown "above," and three or four other minor points, were all that we could not wholeheartedly endorse; leaving, as we do, stands for or against these teachings to individual Christians to decide for themselves.

Worldwide Listening Information:

To find out which Radio Station Dr. McGee is on in your area, and what times it is on, go to:  

  • "Click on:" Radio Logs. Choose which Country and State or Province that you live in, and which language (over 80), that you would like to hear Dr. McGee in.  It will tell you which Station in your area that he can be heard on, and at what time, and on which days.


We also Recommend the Daily Christian Radio program: The Bible Answer Man. __________________________

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