India Pages:         ("I wish them (the unconverted) to see the contrast in every thing where love rules."      -Pandita Ramabai, Eminent Indian Christian social reformer in the plight of Indian women; poet, and scholar.)


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Image: of Pandita Ramabai, Indian Christian social activist in the plight of Indian women, honored on an Indian Postage Stamp. Pandita Ramabai honored on an Indian Postage Stamp.


Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."

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Photo: of Sadhu Sundar Singh. Sundar Singh

1904: Sundar Singh (a Sikh) receives Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour and becomes a wandering Sadhu (Indian Holy Man).

 Sharing the Good News about the Lord Jesus both in India and during his yearly summer evangelistic journeys on foot into Tibet.  

Suffering frequent violent persecution, he never returned from his last Tibetan missionary journey.  ______________