Great English, British, & U.K. Christians:


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The U.K. was one of the Countries most used by God for 500 years.  

In the 1700's it was THE Country most used by God in the World.

In the 1800's it shared that distinction with the United States (the World Missionary Movement). _____________________________________

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In 2003, only 6% of the U.K.'s Population identified themselves as Christians (compare Kenya at 15%).

-Thru The Bible" Radio Program (J. Vernon McGee)

Recent figures show that in the U.K., Bible-believing Christians now account for less than 3 persons per 1000 population.  

-Paul D. J. Arblaster (Brother Paul)

(This is .03%, or 3/10th of 1% of the total population.)

Pray for the U.K.'s born-again Christians; and for Revival among its people who do not know Christ. _____________________________________________

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