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Favorite Monks: Aidan of Lindisfarne

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Ca. 600-651 A.D.

(Also: Aedan, St. Aidan, Saint Aidan, Aidan of Lindisfarne)    _________________

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Tell others about Jesus like Aidan did:

Though not all Christians are called to the ministry of an Evangelist, we are all called by God to share our faith (witness) with those who are not Christians.  Some Bible verses that you will find helpful for doing this, and that you may want to commit to memory are found on other pages on our  web site (see: Memory Verses; 2nd Set: Salvation!, Plan of Salvation, and Statement of Faith). _________________

by Monk Preston

"He cultivated peace and love, purity and humility; he was above anger and greed, and despised pride and conceit; he set himself to keep and teach the laws of God, and was diligent in study and in prayer...I greatly admire all these things about Aidan." 

 - the monk, The Venerable Bede, writing in his masterwork: "Ecclesiastical History of the English People" (3:17)

  Aidan of Lindisfarne

     Aidan (ca. 600-651 A.D.) became one of the Irish Celtic Monks on the Island of Iona (630 A.D.), where The Book of Kells was made.  Iona had been founded in 565 A.D. by Columcille (Columba: 521-597 A.D.), who was the missionary Irish Celtic Monk who converted the pagan Picts of northwestern Scotland to Christianity.

Evangelizing Northern England

     Aidan was sent as missionary to the Angles (we get our word "English" from the word: "Angle-ish") after an earlier missionary monk named Corman had given up, saying that they were too uncivilized and stubborn to be Christianized.  In 635 A.D. Aidan founded the monastery on Lindisfarne (Holy Island).  From here he preached to and brought Christ to the Angles of Northumbria (northern England...see: Plan of Salvation).


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Aidan Gives Away A Horse

     Aidan loved to talk to the pagan Angles about Jesus.  He would not ride a horse, because it deprived him of opportunities to witness about Christ while he traveled.  It was easier to talk to people, he thought, when you were on their level.   

     One time King Oswin of the Angles gave Aidan an expensive horse.  Aidan had not ridden very far before he gave the horse away to a poor person.  The King was angry with Aidan for doing this.  Aidan asked the King if a horse was more important to him than one for whom Christ had died.  The King, who was a Christian, repented and asked Aidan's forgiveness. _________________________

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