Columcille'Poem: (Columba)

(521-597 A.D.)

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Historical Note: Columcille (521-597 A.D.) is also known as Columba, which is the version of his name that most English speakers use.  Columba means "dove."  Columb Cille means "dove of the church."  Columcille is the nickname that the Irish gave him, and call him by.  An Irish Celtic Monastic, he founded the monastery on the island of Iona, off Scotland, and was the Irish Missionary Monk who led the Picts (Northern Scots) to Christ.


Photo: "Skellig Michael": off Ireland's western coast.

Delightful to me to be on an island hill, on the crest of a rock, that I  might often watch the quiet sea;  

That I might watch the heavy waves above the bright water, as they chant music to their Father everlastingly.

That I might watch it's smooth, bright-bordered shore, no gloomy pastime, that I might hear the cry of the strange birds, a pleasing sound;

That I might hear the murmur of the long waves against the rocks, that I might hear the sound of the sea, like mourning beside a grave;

That I might watch the splendid flocks of birds over the well-watered sea, that I might see its mighty whales, the greatest wonder.

That I might watch its ebb and flood in their course, that my name should be--it is a secret that I tell--"he who turned his back upon Ireland;"

That I might have a contrite heart as I watch, that I might repent my many sins, hard to tell;

That I might bless the Lord who rules all things, heaven with its splendid host, earth, ebb, and flood...


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