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Plan of Salvation

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Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."Photo: Monk Preston visits Giza, Egypt; Pyramids and Sphinx.  Photo Copyright 1999 S.G.P.  All Rights Reserved.              

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                     "Is fhearr na 'n t-or sgeul innse air choir."                                   ("Better than gold is a tale rightly told.")

Photo: St. Francis from the Movie, "Brother Sun, Sister Moon."

Francis of Assisi, as portrayed in our favorite Movie of all time, Franco Zefirelli's Brother Sun, Sister Moon. __________________


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"The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying.  He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work and prayerless religion.  He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray."

- Samuel Chadwick

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