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Without Words

The Signs and Symbols of our Faith

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2000, 2007 by Patricia S. Klein

Paraclete Press _______

Celtic Pages

Author: Patricia S. Klein

Expanded Edition

The essential guide for understanding the rich world of Christian liturgy.

If you are new to liturgical worship, through conversion or rediscovery, you may find yourself surrounded by images and traditions that are totally foreign to your experience of church.  

This thorough guide uses understandable language to explain the signs, symbols, gestures, vestments, calendar, and architectural and sacramental elements of the liturgy.

With clarity and insight, Patricia Klein explores the meaning of these time-honored traditions, as well as their historical and biblical roots.

New to this edition are expanded sections on liturgical colors; pre-Lenten traditions; the Last Things; saint's feast days; symbols of Easter, martyrdom, saints, and the Virgin Mary; as well as entirely new sections on symbols of sin and temptation, and Old Testament saints and their symbols in art and architecture.

"A treasure trove for anyone seeking a deeper understanding and experience of the Christian tradition."  

-Brennan Manning, author, The Importance of Being Foolish

"A very handy ready-reference to the church's liturgical seasons, traditions, and terminology, with simple line-drawing illustrations.  One of the most complete books of its kind I've ever seen."

-The Living Church

"A superb and convenient resource for all the extra-theological concerns of mainstream Christianity.  Highly recommended."

-Library Journal ____________________________

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Worship Without Words: The Signs and Symbols of Our Faith, Expanded Edition

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