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   Harriet Tubman

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Author: Rebecca Price Janney

The story of how one woman's courage and faith led to the rescue of hundreds of slaves before the Civil War.

How a Lifetime of Faith Inspired a Lifetime of Heroism

Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) is one of the greatest women in American History.  Best known as the black "Moses," she delivered over three hundred slaves from their land of bondage.  Yet few people know about Harriet's deep faith, which not only sustained her but inspired lifelong service to God and his people.

The Remarkable Story of a Woman Who Served Others With Selfish Abandon

This easy-to-read biography details Harriet's resolve to fulfill God's unique mission for her life.  From her daring prewar rescue missions in the south and her courageous service during the Civil War to her tireless work to establish rest homes for the poor, Harriet was willing to sacrifice everything for others. ________________________


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