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  Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

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Dr. Frank Charles Thompson

Dr. Thompson spent over 40 years developing his study system.

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For nearly 100 years the most popular Study Bible, the Thompson® Chain-Reference® Study Bible. 

     No other Study Bible in history has had a longer life or more recognizable impact on personal Bible study than the Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible.  It has had a century-long contribution to intimate understanding of Scripture.  The enormously popular Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible that has been a recognized standard Bible study aid since the beginning of the 20th Century.

      The Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible, contains no suppositional or doctrinal commentary.  It utilizes the unique Thompson chain of reference system that facilitates self-directed and personally meaningful study of the Bible by allowing the Bible to interpret itself!

All You Will Ever Need

     For years the Thompson has been the leader in Bible Study and Research. The Thompson is all you will ever need. It is set up so that you can follow over 8,000 topics and themes through the Bible with forward and backward references linked together for simplified study. Over 100,000 marginal references give you in-depth research. Every Theme or Topic can be found in the Alphabetical and Numerical indexes to make it easy to search and explore all the Bible has to offer. No need to look any further-the Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible is truly the best way to study.

In the Comprehensive Reference Section of Bible Helps, you will quickly and easily find:

  • Well-known facts and information you need
  • Hard-to-find data on literally thousands of Bible topics, locations, events, and personalities
  • Suggestions on How to Memorize and Study the Bible
  • Outline Studies of the Bible, Bible Character Studies, Bible Harmonies and Illustrated Studies
  • Lists of the Great Passages, Chapters, and Memory Verses of the Bible
  • Ideas on How to Mark Your Bible for Immediate Recognition
  • Helps for Christian Work and Witnessing
  • Excellent diagrams, charts and maps make clear sense of Biblical locations, structures and themes
  • Almost innumerable facts, figures, distances, dates, offices and calendars of Bible time
  • An extensive 79 page Archaeological Supplement
  • And much much, much more!

(-excerpts from B.B. Kirkbride Press Releases©2002 Kirkbride Bible & Technology.  All Rights Reserved.) ______________________________

Comment from Monk Preston:

"What is so great about the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is that it does not contain any interpretation of scripture or commentary.  Only Scripture is used to shed light on other Scripture.  4,451 "chains" of Scripture are found in this Bible.  What that means, is that if you are interested in something in a particular verse, there will be a number in the margin next to it and it tells you the next place in the Bible where a verse on that subject is found.  You can look up the number in the back of the Bible and  ______________________________

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Front Cover of the Book, "Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible."

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  it lists verses from Genesis to Revelation covering that subject.  The Helps in the Back also contain an excellent Bible Dictionary, Subject and Name Index, Maps, Charts, etc., and an enormous Concordance.

The "Cadillac" of Bibles

I got my Thompson Chain-Reference Bible in the early seventies.  We just called it a "Thompson Chain" for short.  All of the people I knew (hundreds) that were into serious Evangelism and Bible Study considered it the best Bible that you could have.  It was often referred to as "the Cadillac of Bibles."  At that time I owned 26 Bibles (including most of the different versions of the Bible available at that time).  Over thirty years later I still feel the same way. 

If I Could Only Have One Book 

I recently was talking to one of the most on-fire lay Christians that I have ever met.  He evangelizes the lost nearly every minute he's awake, no matter what he is doing at the time.  I told him that the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible was my favorite Bible.  He looked at me like I had just said something totally unnecessary, like "The sky is blue."  "Of course," he said, "it's the best."  

Speaking as someone who is an avid reader (I finish a book about every two days), I have felt for the last thirty years and up to and including the present moment, that if I was stranded on a Desert Island and only allowed to have one book, that book would have to be a Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible."

-Monk Preston, Co-founder and President, The Prayer Foundation _____________________________

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