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   The Word: (Volumes I & II)

Charlton Heston Narrates Favorite Bible Selections

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CD / Cassette

Approximately 12 Hrs. of Recordings (6 Hrs. per each Volume)

Redactions and Commentaries written by: Charlton Heston and Tom Robotham.

Produced by: John Stronach. ______________

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Charlton Heston Narrates a Collection of His Favorite Bible Stories

...reads and comments upon...

One of the most respected actors of our time, Charlton Heston has had a deep personal connection to the Bible.  In this historic collection, Charlton Heston reads and comments upon his favorite bible stories, which his inspiring and emotional presence brings vividly to life.  These timeless tales will enrich and entertain you again and again.  And can now be enjoyed by listeners of all generations.

Vol. I:

  • In the Beginning & Exodus

  • The Story of Jacob & Job & The Story of Joseph & Daniel

  • The Fall of Jericho & the Story of King David

  • The Story of King Solomon & Proverbs

  • Women of the Bible & Spreading the Gospel

  • The Great Prophecies & Vision of the Apocalypse

Vol. II:

  • Love & Faith

  • Hope & Joy

  • Anger & Betrayal

  • Wealth & Eternal Life

  • Friendship & Children

  • Fatherhood & Motherhood


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