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The Psalms for Prayer

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2002 by T. M. Moore.  

Published by Baker Books, A Division of Baker Book House Co. _____________


 Compiled by: T. M. Moore

Add An Exciting New Dimension to Your Prayer Time!

...six simple methods for praying the Psalms... 

The Book of Psalms is a rich treasury of praises, confessions, laments, and celebrations that can become a useful basis for your prayers.  

The Psalms for Prayer will teach you how to tap those resources and add a new dimension of effectiveness and delight to your prayer life.

T. M. Moore clearly explains six simple methods for praying the Psalms: verbatim, paraphrase, prayer over a psalm, responsive, guided, or a combination.  

Highly practical and reader-friendly, this book also includes:

  • The complete New King James Version text of the Book of Psalms.

  • Three optional schedules for praying through the  Psalms.

  • Explanations of each type of Psalm.

  • Suggested prayer topics for each Psalm.

If you long to develop or expand your spiritual discipline of prayer, build greater consistency and power in your prayers, or enhance your daily devotions with a Scripture-based guide, The Psalms for Prayer is for you.  ____________________________

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