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The Shape of the Liturgy


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 Introduction Simon Jones 2005

1945 by Dom Gregory Dix.  All Rights Reserved ____________


Author: Dom Gregory Dix

New Edition with an introduction by Dr. Simon Jones.

"Can we hope to find in the primitive church, say in the second century, coherent universal principles which can guide our own ideas about liturgy?  Was there anything in what is vaguely called 'the early church' which might serve as a standard or model...

It is true that by careful analysis there is to be found underlying most of these varying rites and all of the older ones, a single normal standard structure of the rite as a whole.  It is this standard structure which I call the 'Shape' of the Liturgy."  

-Dom Gregory Dix

This new edition of the seminal work has a new introduction by Dr. Simon Jones of Merton College, Oxford, which gives an up-to-date assessment of Dix's scholarship and its influence upon liturgical revision.   

Dom Gregory Dix's classic account of the development of the Eucharistic rite continues to be the authoritative work on the subject.  

He presents his massive scholarship in lively and non-technical language for all who wish to understand their worship in terms of the framework from which it has evolved.  

He demonstrates the creative force of Christianity over the centuries through liturgy and the societies it has molded.  

His great work has for sixty years been quoted for its devotional as well as its historical value, and continually attracts new readers.  

In this book, for the first time, critical studies in the learned periodicals of many countries have been carefully sifted and the results arranged to give a clear picture of the development of the Eucharistic rite.  ___________________________

"Liturgy, for Dom Gregory Dix, is no branch of archaeological study; it is in all its stages and forms the living Body of Christ upon earth.  His account of it is alive and absorbing."  

-Church Times ___________________________


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"The Shape of the Liturgy changed not only the shape of liturgical study but also profoundly influenced worship itself.  Half a century after its publication we are, perhaps, beginning to discover the debt we owe to Dom Gregory Dix."  

-Simon Bailey, biographer. ___________________________

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