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Reading Scripture

with the Church Fathers

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Christopher A. Hall is associate professor of biblical and theological studies at Eastern College, St. Davids, Pennsylvania, and associate editor of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture.


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1998 by Christopher A. Hall

InterVarsity Press ____________

Author: Christopher A. Hall

Many Christians Today Long to Become Reacquainted with their Ancient Ancestors in the Faith.

They see a deeper worship and devotion in the prayers and hymns of the early church.  And some are seeking help in reading Scripture from the early church fathers.

But how and where do we begin?  

Our first encounter of reading Scripture with the fathers may seem like visiting a far country and listening in on Bible study where the rules are different, the issues and conclusions not the same.

In Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers, Christopher Hall introduces us to the fathers, their world, and the sights and sounds they perceive in the Bible.  

As Hall points out, the fathers hear music in Scripture where we remain tone-deaf.  

Despite the occasional eccentricities, theirs is a hearing refined through long listening to the music of Scripture in song, worship, teaching, meditation and oral reading.  

And like true masters they challenge and correct our modern assumptions as they invite us to tune our ears to hear the divine melodies.

Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers is an exceptional guide.  

It is a warm, winsome, informative and indispensable introduction to who the fathers were, how they read and interpreted Scripture, and how we might read Scripture with them for all its worth. ____________________________

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