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Raising A Modern-Day Knight

A Father's Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood

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Robert Lewis

As the Teaching Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Robert Lewis has helped hundreds of men raise godly sons with this unique approach.  He is the author of Real Family Values and Managing Pressure in Your Marriage (with Dennis Rainey), and has been featured on such national broadcasts as "Focus On the Family" and "Family Life Today."  Along with their children---Elizabeth, Rebekah, Garrett, and Mason---Robert and his wife, Sherard, make their home in Little Rock, Arkansas. _______________

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Author: Robert Lewis

What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

"Let me get right to the point.  If you're a man, you need this book.  And if  you have a son, you really need this book.  Frankly, our whole country needs this book."

-From the Foreward by Stu Weber: Pastor, former Green Beret Captain, and Author of Spirit Warriors: A Soldier Looks at Spiritual Warfare

...a masculine vision, a code of conduct, and a cause in which to invest their lives. 

Moreover, how do you as a Father instill that notion in your son?  By Raising a Modern-Day Knight.  The medieval custom of knighthood offers a unique approach to shaping a boy into a man.  

In those days, lads were trained from an early age, being equipped with a masculine vision, a code of conduct, and a cause in which to invest their lives.

Photo: of Dr. Robert Lewis and his family.  Dr. Robert Lewis and his family.

Objectives were set, goals achieved...  

Ceremonies were held in their honor, celebrating the boys' progress.  Objectives were set, goals achieved, and along the way, these boys became men.  

In much the same way, Raising a Modern-Day Knight will show how you, too, can confidently guide your son to authentic, biblical manhood.'ll have all the necessary know-how to proactively guide and commemorate his growth.

Complete with illuminating Scriptures, eye-opening illustrations, and the personal experiences of others, Raising a Modern-Day Knight provides a clear understanding of mature masculinity---a vision you can  pursue together with your son! __________________________________

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  You'll be armed with tools, methods, and ideas to help you raise him into a chivalrous, godly man.  Plus, you'll have all the necessary know-how to proactively guide and commemorate his growth. _________________________________

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