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The Psalms of David

Image: portion of illuminated manuscript page from "The Book of Kells."

The Psalms of David, Illuminated by James S. Freemantle, with a Foreword by his son, Stephen Freemantle.

1982 by Stephen Freemantle.  All rights reserved.

William Morrow and Company, Inc.,  New York

Image: Purple Flowers; part of the text of Psalm 100. Portion of Psalm 100

Image: African boat on a river; text of Psalm 53. Portion of  Psalm 53 _______________

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Illuminated by: James S. Freemantle

The Psalms of David

Illuminated (Calligraphied and Illustrated) by James S. Freemantle

"To my beloved wife, Clara --From her loving husband James..."

Image: Watercolor of ancient Jerusalem; part of text of Psalm 48.

  Portion of  Psalm 48

A True Labor of Love

    This calligraphied and illustrated version of the Psalms was made by James S. Freemantle over a thirty year period, out of love for his wife, Clara.  It would often take him a whole day to complete half of a page.  

Image: African shield and spears; text of Psalm 35.

  Portion of  Psalm 35

     It is beautifully done calligraphy accompanied by wonderful artwork.  He was born to British parents in India in 1859 and lived there all of his life. He worked for the railroad.  Many of the scenes in the book are of actual places in India.  He died in 1934, within a year of finishing the book. ______________________________

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Image: Front Cover of the Book, "The Psalms of David"; Illuminated by James S. Freemantle.

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Image: (The Sikh) Golden Temple at Amritsar; part of text of Psalm 48.  Portion of  Psalm 48 ______________________________

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