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Praying Hyde:

Apostle of Prayer

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Edited by: Captain E.G. Carré

...a mighty prayer warrior and missionary to India, John Hyde.

"The place where John Hyde met God was holy ground.  The scenes of his life are too sacred for common eyes.  I shrink from placing them before the public....So we take our stand near the prayer closet of John Hyde, and are permitted to hear the sighing and the groaning, and to see the tears coursing down his face, to see his frame weakened by foodless days and sleepless nights, shaken with sobs as he pleads, "O God, give me souls or I die!"  

In this way, one of the authors of Praying Hyde, Francis A. McGaw, introduces us to a mighty prayer warrior and missionary to India, John Hyde. like Andrew Murray, Rees Howells, George Müller, Evan Roberts...

Few, it would seem, seek to become ministers of intercession.  God knows who they are.  Through Christian literature we are able to recognize the prayer ministries of men like Andrew Murray, Rees Howells, George Müller, Evan Roberts and others.  In Praying Hyde we learn about another man who became a true intercessor, and, more importantly, we see the wonderful results of his life of prayer and the principles his life reveals.

You are about to meet a man who took his Christian commitment seriously.  He was raised in an atmosphere of prayer that became his "native air."  As people came in contact with John Hyde---and the presence of God 

that surrounded him and flowed from him---their lives were changed.  As you read, take in that fresh, life-giving breath of God that he gives freely to all who will to be his vessel.

(-from the Foreword) _________________________________

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