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One Nation Under Gods:

A History of the Mormon Church

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Religion journalist Richard Abanes lives in Southern California and has written a dozen books on cults, the occult, and new religious movements, including Endtime Visions: The Road to Armegeddon? and the award-winning American Militias: Rebellion, Racism, and Religion. ______________

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Copyright 2003 by Richard Abanes

Published by Thunder's Mouth Press, an Imprint of Avalon Publishing Group, Inc. ____________

Author: Richard Abanes

"One Nation Under Gods is a well-written and absorbing book that is ideal for anyone wanting a concise, accurate, and easy-to-understand history of Mormonism from its inception to the present."

-Sandra Tanner, Great-great-grandchild of Brigham Young

"Abanes has produce a unique and fascinating book that reveals not only the true and complete history of Mormonism from its nineteenth-century origins to the 2002 Olympics, but also documents many of those rarely discussed aspects of Mormon history known only to serious investigator's of Mormonism's past."

-Hank Hanegraaff, President, Christian Research Institute

"(Abanes) has created a chronological account of mormonism that includes many things often intentionally suppressed by leaders of the Latter-Day Saints....The resulting book gives a piercing historical overview of Mormon teachings and development....This well-researched and readable history will be of interest to anyone seeking an objective Mormon history."

-Library Journal ____________________________

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