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Missionary Patriarch:

The True Story of John G. Paton

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Evangelist for Jesus Christ Among the South Sea Island Cannibals

"This is the greatest missionary story ever written,' he said, 'but that is not why you need to read the book."  

"Almost five years ago, I was preaching on the importance of raising sons to be Christian men of vision when my friend Bill gave me an ancient, dog-eared edition of the book you are holding in your hands.  

'This is the greatest missionary story ever written,' he said, 'but that is not why you need to read the book.' "  

Curious, I resolved to skim the opening chapters.  

Several hours and a bucket of tears later, with less than two-hundred pages under my belt, I realized that I was perusing one of the most important books I would ever read.  

Since then I have carried a copy of this book with me to almost forty states and have quoted from it hundreds of times.  

When given an opportunity to preach on the subject of the family, it is often my practice to open the pages of this volume and read literally from its content in the hope that others will get a glimpse of the beautiful vision for covenant faithfulness and biblical evangelism so magnificently communicated by the pen of this great Scotsman.    ________________

...his parting form rose before me as that of a guardian angel.

"The appearance of my Father, when we parted---his advice, prayers, and tears---the road, the dyke, the climbing up on it and then walking away, head uncovered---have often, often, all through life, risen vividly before my mind, and do so now while I am writing, as if it had been but an hour ago.  

In my earlier years particularly, when exposed to many temptations, his parting form rose before me as that of a guardian angel.

...that I might faithfully follow his shining example."  

It is no pharasaism, but deep ___________________________

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gratitude, which makes me here testify that the memory of that scene not only helped, by God's grace, to keep me pure from the prevailing  sins, but also stimulated me in all my studies, that I might not fall short of his hopes, and in all my Christian duties, that I might faithfully follow his shining example."

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Our Comments:

"This is indeed 'the greatest missionary story ever written.' "

-Monk Bob _______________________________

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