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Everything that Is or Was or Is to Come Is a Miracle

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Author: Dr. Olen R. Brown

Revelations from Scripture, Science and Life.  A Scientist looks at the evidence.

"Miracles" reveals truth from Scripture, science and life. 

Everything that is or was or is to come is part of God's miracle. 

Science says that nothing is miraculous- Time and Chance created the universe with no meaning or purpose.  God's universe has great meaning extending from the stars to atoms and to you. 

What we believe about miracles can be a source of great joy or missed joy in our lives.  Dr. Brown, a Christian and author of over 100 scientific papers, has coined a new word, syncretism, to call attention to the doctrine that today elevates science above religion. 

However, science and religion are compatible if science will acknowledge God as Creator and leave the "universal why" to religion.  

Dr. Brown uses miracles as magnet and lens to draw together and focus on the universe, good and evil, faith, free will, life, love, and salvation itself as God's miracles.  By faith and reason we can see God's miracles in His glorious light.

About the Author:
                                                             Dr. Olen R. Brown has three science degrees from the University of Oklahoma.  Board certified in toxicology, he is a retired professor from the University of Missouri.  

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molecular oxygen, he was also the assistant director of the Dalton Space Science Research Center.  The author of over 100 scientific publications, he is listed in American Men and Women of Science. _______________________________

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