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"Mere Christianity"

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C. S. Lewis


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  An atheist until he was 30, Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably the most influential Christian writer of his day. 

  He wrote more than thirty books, allowing him to reach a vast audience, and his works continue to attract thousands of new readers every year.

C. S. Lewis was the most popular and best-selling theologian of the entire Twentieth Century, an amazing fact considering that technically, he wasn't a Theologian at all, but an Oxford Professor of English Medieval and Renaissance literature. 

 His books include  The Chronicles of Narnia fantasy series and his science fiction Space Trilogy.  Both series are must reading for all Christians interested in these genres.  His most famous book among non-Christians is The Screwtape Letters.

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   "Ever since I became a Christian I have thought that the best, perhaps the only, service I could do for my unbelieving neighbors was to explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times."

-C. S. Lewis (from the Preface) _____________________________

Comments of The Prayer Foundation:

   "Mere Christianity"   

By C. S. Lewis

    We have chosen this book to be the subject of the very first Book Review that we ever posted on this wrbsite (in May of 2001) for one reason: some of us consider it to be the best Christian book (other than the Bible, of course) ever written.

    Why is this book so great?  You can not read it without being touched by the Holy Spirit and desiring to draw closer to God and become a better Christian.

What All Christians Believe

    Originally given as a series of radio talks during World War II, C. S. Lewis wanted to cover only what nearly all Christians in all times have believed and agreed upon.  Friends told him that they thought that would amount to hardly anything.  "It will be a very slim book," they said.   After he did the study, Lewis said he was surprised at just how much there was.

    C. S. Lewis started out as an atheist.  Mere Christianity chronicles his spiritual journey.  I remember trying to read this book three or four times because it had been recommended to me, and not being able to "get into" it.  Perhaps because I had never been an atheist, I could not relate to the beginning.  If you have this ______________________________

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problem, just skip ahead to where it becomes interesting to you.  Once I got into the book, it became a favorite, and I read it 7-8 times in three years.  That was thirty years ago.  I have continued to read it over the years.  Now I listen to the CD at least once a year. 

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