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  David Brainerd:

The pioneer missionary to North American Indians 

whose Journal became a devotional classic.

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"David Brainerd" 1999 Ranelda Hunsicker.

Bethany House Publishers. _____________

Author: Ranelda Hunsicker

Men of Faith Series

The Inspiring Story of One of Christianity's Most Dedicated Evangelists

A Challenging and Invigorating Biography of a Disciple Who Would Stop at Nothing to Bring Light Into Darkness

...gave his very life for the good news of Jesus Christ...

David Brainerd (1718-1747) gave his very life for the good news of Jesus Christ, battling grave illness and bitter opposition in living out his insatiable passion to serve and glorify God.

...based upon his Journal, a devotional classic...

This account is based upon his Journal, a devotional classic that vividly exhibits his determination to do all that he could to share the truth of the Gospel with the lost before he was called to his eternal home.

David Livingstone, John Wesley, William Carey, and Jim Elliot were inspired by David Brainerd

Join countless others---including David Livingstone, John Wesley, William Carey, and Jim Elliot---in being inspired by David Brainerd, a faithful servant who humbly poured himself out as a pleasing sacrifice to God.        ____________________________

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