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Borden of Yale:

The Wealthy American Whose Sacrifice

Touched Egypt and the World for Christ

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Author: Mrs. Howard Taylor

"This book...changed the course of my life...Spiritually speaking...had it not been for this book, my life would have been a spiritual shambles."

-Kenneth N. Taylor (Founder: Tyndale House Publishers)

The Personal Story of One Whose Unselfish Life Gives New Meaning to Christian Service

Born into a wealthy American Family, William Borden attended Princeton Seminary and graduated from Yale.  Despite an upper class upbringing, his travels around the world had challenged him to the needs of the heathen world for Jesus Christ, and he purposed to make his choices count toward that goal.

...Borden trained for a life of service to the Kansu people of China...

As Borden trained for a life of service to the Kansu people of China, his heart and labor went out in very practical ways to the widows, orphans, and cripples in the back streets of Chicago.  A quiet yet powerful man, he diligently sought to win other young college men for Christ and His service.

His arrival in Egypt in 1913 was tragically marked by...his untimely death at age 25...

His arrival in Egypt in 1913 was ________________________

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tragically marked by his contracting cerebral meningitis.  His untimely death at age 25 was covered by nearly every newspaper in the United States as a  testimony for Christ. 

Though a "waste" in the world's term, both his life and death have been a testimony and a challenge even beyond his own generation to "keep eternity's value in view."

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