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Luther and His World

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2002 Graham Tomlin.  This edition 2002 Lion Publishing.

Published in the U.S.A. by InterVarsity Press.



Author: Graham Tomlin

InterVarsity Histories

"To people of all nationalities the first Protestants bequeathed in spite of themselves a heritage of spiritual freedom and equality, the consequences of which are still working themselves out in the world today."  

-Stephen Ozment, "Protestants"

Martin Luther is one of the most influential characters of the last millennium.  

He cannot claim credit or blame for the whole of what eventually became Protestantism, but as one who played a critical role in the emergence of a new Church and a new way of life for millions of people, the impact of his actions and beliefs on the past 500 years has been incalculable.

In this engaging book, Graham Tomlin paints a vivid picture of Luther's life, from his early struggles with faith to his emergence as the leading figure in the dramatic change and division engendered by the Reformation.

The person revealed here is by turns obstinate, sensitive, blunt and determined---a man of faith willing to risk all for his convictions. _________________________________

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