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 Knowing Scripture:

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Dr. R. C. Sproul is the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries and can be heard teaching daily on the "Renewing Your Mind" radio broadcast on more than 300 radio outlets in the United States and throughout 120 countries. He holds degrees Westminster College, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, the Free University of Amsterdam, and Whitefield Theological Seminary. He has written more than 50 books and has authored scores of magazine articles for evangelical publications. In addition, he has taught at numerous colleges and seminaries. __________________

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 1977 by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  All Rights Reserved. __________________

Author: R. C. Sproul

(With a Foreward by J. I. Packer)

"If I were the devil," writes J. I. Packer, "one of my first aims would be to stop folks from digging into the Bible...I should do all I could to surround it with the spiritual equivalent of pits, thorns, hedges and mantraps...But I should be very far from pleased to see this book by R. C. Sproul."

R. C. Sproul helps us dig out the meaning of scripture for ourselves.  He lays the groundwork by discussing why we should study the Bible and how our own personal study relates to interpretation.  Then he presents in simple, basic terms the science of interpretation and gives practical guidelines for applying this science.

Here is a basic book for both beginning Bible readers and those who have been at it for a long time.

"What are its special qualities?" asks J. I. Packer.  "Clarity, common sense, mastery of material and a bubbling enthusiasm which turns the author from a good communicator into a superb one."  Dr. R. C. Sproul is founder and president of Ligonier Ministries and professor of systematic theology and apologetics at Reformed Theological Seminary.  His many books include The Holiness of God and Effective Prayer ______________________________

Tell others about Jesus like R. C. Sproul does:

 Though we are not all called to the ministry of Christian Teacher, we are all called by God to share our faith (witness) with those who are not Christians.  Some Bible verses that you will find helpful for doing this, and that you may want to commit to memory are found on other pages on our  web site (see: Memory Verses; 2nd Set: Salvation!, Plan of Salvation, and Statement of Faith). __________________________________

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