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   The Joy of Answered Prayer

Originally Published as: "Prevailing Prayer"

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Author: D. L. Moody

Secrets of Successful Prayer

Do you sometimes wonder ---

  • Will I ever receive an answer to my prayers?

  • Do I dare ask God for what I really want?

  • Is this just an exercise in futility?

  • Does God even hear me?

  • Why would God want to answer me anyway?

...the "rubber-ceiling syndrome"...

Questions like these may have plagued you for years.  In all likelihood, you know what the "rubber-ceiling syndrome" is from personal experience.  Perhaps fear and shame over past failures and sins have even silenced your prayers altogether.  Even so, the good news is that you are not alone.

D. L. Moody shares secrets of successful prayer...  

The even better news is that this book is tailor-made for you.  Here D. L. Moody shares secrets of successful prayer and insights into reaching the hearts of God.  Discover how you can become truly intimate with the Lord and know The Joy of Answered Prayer! 


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