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Johnny Cash:

Reading the Complete New Testament (NKJV)

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16 Compact Disc Deluxe Edition / 19 Hrs.


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The Spiritual Legacy of an American Turned Legend

"I heard the wife of an Eastern Orthodox Priest say that this was her favorite audio version of the Scriptures, the one that she listened to constantly.

She also stated that Johnny Cash had a great voice, and was a really good reader.  

So we obtained a copy for our monastery.  

All of our Monks love it, this reading of the New King James Version, and we highly recommend it as one of our favorites." 

-Monk Preston

 Johnny Cash's Own Comments On This Recording:

"To turn the written Word into the spoken Word has always been my dream.

But little did I dream that speaking the New Testament aloud in its entirety would so much further enrich my spiritual life.

I approached each recording session with fear, respect, awe and reverence for the subject matter.

I also did it with a great deal of joy, because I love the Word.

As I read the words of the Lord I prayed to feel and show only his love with a clear deliverance of his messages, constantly aware that He is speaking to me, and that when I am reading His words, I am not Him.

I have strived against reading any personal interpretation into the scripture.  

The most powerful, uniquely dramatic words ever written do not need any special attempt on my part to "sell" them.

For the New Testament of Jesus Christ is a narrative of great depth and beauty, engaging stories, lessons both entertaining and academic, and stark pronouncements of attention-grabbing subjects and word-picture prophecies.

Throughout the many hours of recording, my great inspiration was the underlying current of his abiding love.

I chose the New King James Version because it retains much of the beauty and classic prose and poetry of the original King James Version yet is easily understood by those who might have said, 'I've read the Bible but don't understand it .'

Give it a try and share with me a new dimension of blessing in the spoken Word ."  

-Johnny Cash ___________________________

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A Review by David Crumm:

Here's what absolutely amazes me about Johnny Cash -- and the reason that, after more than 30 years in journalism, I have to admit I still have such an emotional reaction to this country singer -- is that his famous struggles with temptation and faith have directly crossed over to the next generation.

There's something as honest as a razor blade about Cash. His "man in black" garb clearly wasn't merely a costuming choice for his stage act. 

His concern for the poor and marginalized clearly wasn't just another star's hobby. 

In fact, I went back and purchased DVDs of some of Cash's TV shows, because I'm so intrigued by this man, this artist, this man of faith.

I own dozens of Bibles and a half dozen audio Bibles -- but it's the Cash disks that keep winding up in my van with me when I'm traveling. 

There's nothing flashy in this recording, which was done back in the 1990s and doesn't have any of the Hollywood special effects that are popular in current audio Bibles.

This is the New King James Version, so some of the phrases sound a little stilted to our ears, unless we've stayed with this majestic old rendering throughout our lives. 

But that's not a bad thing.  I'm not a King James reader, on a regular basis, but there's something about the poetry of this particular translation -- coming to my ears in that voice of The Man in Black, knowing some of the incredible spiritual journey that he pursued through these years -- and the overall effect is mesmerizing. ___________________________

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