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J. Vernon McGee On Prayer:

Praying and Living in the Father's Will

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...simple, yet profound insights into prayer...

...characteristic warmth and wisdom...

With characteristic warmth and wisdom, Dr. McGee probes the many facets of prayer and explores principles of effective prayer in the lives of Jesus, Abraham, Daniel, Paul, and other biblical characters.

J. Vernon McGee's teachings on prayer are as relevant and as urgent today as they were when he first preached these messages.  This single, comprehensive volume contains eleven of his best sermons on prayer and an in-depth study of the Lord's prayer entitled Let Us Pray.

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Dr. J Vernon McGee On Prayer:

"According to my humble judgment, the greatest need of the present-day church is prayer...My beloved, I'm convinced that until we get a burden of prayer, we will not see a moving of the Spirit of God in our day."

"We cannot face life today without the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.  That is the secret to powerful prayer."

"It is the entire life behind the words that are spoken that makes prayer effective...Our lives should demonstrate that we have submitted to our own prayers and that we mean business with God.  God hears and answers prayers like that."

"I personally think that there is anything in the Christian's life that should not be made a matter of prayer to God.  It doesn't make any difference _______________________

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what it is.  He is our heavenly Father, and we can talk to Him very frankly.  We can open and unburden our hearts to Him as we can to no one else."  

"I'm convinced that the primary purpose of prayer is not to change things but to change us." __________________________________

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