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In His Steps

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Author: Charles M. Sheldon

What would Jesus do?

In each situation, they found out as they walked...

Sheldon wrote the story and asked the question that would inspire millions worldwide and launch the "WWJD": movement 100 years later in our own time!

What would Jesus do?

For the first time in their live, the Reverend Henry Maxwell and his congregation are forced to consider this question and its consequences.

Deeply shaken by the appearance of a mysterious stranger in town and his impassioned pleas for the poor and downtrodden, the minister and five influential parishioners begin a year long experience in Christianity.  Each has resolved to conduct his life according to the precepts of Christ, applying His behavior to their own lives.

No one in town is left untouched by the brief, probing question.

"What would Jesus do?"  Mr. Maxwell searches his soul for guidance, suddenly alert to the trials that lie ahead...the newspaper editor awakens to an opportunity to do great good for his neighbors even though his job is endangered...the heiress realizes spiritual fulfillment is within her grasp, even at the cost of bitter family opposition...the executive faces up to community responsibility in his business dealings...

No one in town is left untouched by the brief, probing question.  These people learn the answer --- and so have millions of readers who have accepted the challenge to walk In His Steps. ___________________________

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