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I Believe

The Nicene Creed

Illustrated by Pauline Baynes

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Pauline Baynes did the original line illustrations for J.R.R. Tolkiens's The Lord of the Rings and C.S. Lewis' The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The Nicene Creed, first drafted in A.D. 325 under the auspices of the Roman emperor Constantine, is the most widely accepted statement of Christian beliefs, used not only by the Eastern Orthodox churches, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, and Calvinists.

Now Pauline Baynes, the much-loved illustrator of C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, has transformed the Creed into a joyous hymn to God.

Her breathtaking images of the sun, moon, and stars, creatures great and small, mythical beasts, death and resurrection, judgment and everlasting life are based on a lifetime's passion for Anglo-Saxon and Persian manuscripts.

She brings them together here in a spirited affirmation of faith to delight and inspire.

Her portrayals of Middle Earth and Narnia helped transform the books into towering classics which, in the year 2000, were voted Book of the Millenium, and Children's Book of the Millenium respectively by the Library Association in Great Britain.

She illustrated all Tolkien's other books during his lifetime and after his death was commissioned to illustrate Bilbo's Last Song.

Recently she updated her illustrations for the Narnia series in color for a 50th anniversary edition. ______________________________

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Image: front cover of the book, "I Believe: The Nicene Creed" Illustrated by Pauline Baynes.

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