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   The Hour That Changes the World

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Dick Eastman

Dick Eastman is President of Every Home for Christ and Originator of the Change the World School of Prayer.  He has also written A Celebration of Praise and No Easy Road, with more than 600,000 copies in print. ______________

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Author: Dick Eastman

This book provides the reader with a challenge that, if accepted, will change not only his personal world, but also the vast world around him.

...practical suggestions for revitalized prayer...

Filled with practical suggestions for revitalized prayer, this unique book describes a plan by which the Christian who wants to improve his prayer life can reach his goal.

Every Christian, says Dick Eastman, has the gift of 24 hours in each day, and should be confronted with the challenge to use one of those hours in prayer and Bible study.  One hour per day adds up to 365 hours per year---45 eight-hour days!  Accumulated, those sixty minutes per day represent an awesome potential for change in the life of the Christian and the world around him.

"How can anyone possibly pray for an entire hour?"

Some Christians ask, "How can anyone possibly pray for an entire hour?"  Dick Eastman responds with a twelve-step prayer program.  Each hour is divided into twelve five minute "points of focus," a plan that will aid any sincere Christian in the development of a consistent daily devotional habit.

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