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 Holman Christian Standard Bible

Celtic Design

Compact Bible - Large Print Edition (Large for Compact Bibles: 8 Pt. Type)

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Holman Bible Publishing

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Available in Simulated Leather in 3 Colors:

  • Crimson (with Celtic Cross)

  • Olive Green (with Triquetra: Trinity Symbol)

  • Tan (with Medieval Cross, Celtic Inlaid)

Photo: Holman Christian Standard Bilbles - Compact, Large Print - Crimson and Olive Green.

Photo: Holman Christian Standard Bible - Compact, Large Print - Celtic Design: Tan.

This large print compact edition is available in three gorgeous Celtic binding designs reflective of the growing interest modern Christians have in the ancient roots of their deepening faith.

Remember, "large print" is a relative term - this Bible features 8 point text which, while large for a compact Bible, is still relatively small.

Handy, beautiful and classically classy, the HCSB Celtic Bibles are a conveniently compact way to take the Word with you. The Holman Christian Standard Bible is gaining in popularity for its modern-language, readability, beauty and accuracy. 

These Bibles are packaged in a gift box with die-cut window to clearly show each design.

  • Presentation page.

  • 8 Point text.

  • Double-column format.

  • More than 20,000 end-of-paragraph cross-references (Jewel Verse Reference System).

  • Subject headings.

  • Words of Christ in red.

  • Concordance.

  • 8 Full-color maps.

  • Plan of Salvation.

  • Where to Turn.

  • Table of Weights & Measures.

  • Titles of Jesus.

  • Messianic Scriptures that Jesus Fulfilled.

  • Ribbon marker.

  • Silvered page edges.

  • Supple imitation leather.

  • Olive Green, with Triquetra (Trinity Symbol) embossed in cover.

  • Silver accented border and spine.

  • 6" x 41/4" x 11/8".


The Reason for This New Translation:

This version of the Bible was planned and sponsored by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (renamed "LifeWay Christian Resources" of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1998).  

The publisher, Broadman & Holman, is that agency's publishing house.  

The Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB) was conceived as a replacement for the NIV, which the SBC Sunday School Board had been using in its curriculum materials under a license agreement.  

The NIV became controversial after the International Bible Society acknowledged in 1997 that it was revising the NIV with "politically correct" gender-neutral language, and so in 1998 the Sunday School Board entered into an agreement with Arthur Farstad (formerly the editor of the New King James Version) for him to oversee the production of a new version that would be under its own control. 

Soon afterward, Farstad died, and Edwin Blum was appointed general editor in his place. 

The version was produced by a large team of translators and stylists, and a smaller editorial team meeting in Dallas, Texas.  About a third of the team members are Southern Baptist.  Other team members are Plymouth Brethren, Presbyterians (PCA), Congregationalists, Church of England, Church of God, Evangelical Free Church, Methodists, Evangelical Mennonites and Episcopalians. ______________________________

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Photo: of the cover of the Celtic Design "Holman Christian Standard Bible".

Shown smaller than Actual Size, which is:    4 1/4" Wide by 6" Tall, and 1 1/4" Thick.

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The motivation behind the version was explained by David R. Shepherd, vice president of Bible publishing for Broadman & Holman, in an article which appeared in the SBC's Baptist Press while the New Testament was under preparation:

"Some recent translations have reinterpreted the Bible to make it consistent with current trends and their own way of thinking...Current trends in Bible translation have been a real wake-up call for everybody who's concerned about preserving the integrity of Scripture.  The CSB will be under the stewardship of Christians who believe we should conform our lives and culture to the Bible - not the other way around."

The first edition of the completed New Testament appeared in June 2001 as the text for the "Experiencing the Word" New Testament, with devotional notes by Henry Blackaby.  

The Old Testament was first published in electronic form on the internet in December 2003, and the first printed edition of the complete Bible was published in the Spring of 2004.

Textual Basis

The Introduction states that the Greek text used by the CSB translators was the Nestle-Aland text, but advises the reader that:

"in a few places in the NT, large square brackets indicate texts that the translation team and most biblical scholars today believe were not part of the original text. However, these texts have been retained in brackets in the Holman CSB because of their undeniable antiquity and their value for tradition and the history of NT interpretation in the church."

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