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Martin Luther:

The Great Reformer

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Have you received Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

Plan of Salvation _________________

Tell others about Jesus like Martin Luther did:

Though we are not all called to be Great Reformers like Martin Luther, all we who are Christians are called by God to share our faith (witness) with those who are not Christians.  Some Bible verses that you will find helpful for doing this, and that you may want to commit to memory are found on other pages on our  web site (see: Memory Verses; 2nd Set: Salvation!, Plan of Salvation, and Statement of Faith). _________________

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"My conscience is captive to the Word of God...Here I stand, I can do no other."

-Martin Luther

His Greatest Desire Was to Bring God's Word to the People

Theologian, rebel, Bible translator, preacher, and prolific writer...the life of Martin Luther defies description.

Luther was, above all, a man of the people, one who's greatest desire was to bring God's Word in clear, concise language to the masses.

The Word of God was all Luther Needed to Light the Fire of the Reformation

The Word of God was indeed all Luther needed to light the fire of the German Reformation.  Recognizing from Romans 1 that God gives believers in Christ a positive righteousness, Luther posted his ninety-five theses on October 31, 1517, and from then on refused to be silenced.

Luther's many achievements, including his astounding translation of the entire Bible into an extremely readable German edition, underscore how profoundly he was used by God.  One man---guided solely by the divine, with a real faith expressed with sincerity and force---would pull back the drapes of the oppressive Middle Ages and let in the Light.

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