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Ken Taylor:

Bringing the Bible to Life

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Published by Barbour Publishing, Inc., Urichsville, Ohio __________________

Author: Jim Kraus

Why can't somebody translate the Bible so a person like me can understand it?"

These frustrated words of twenty-three-year-old Ken Taylor echoed his boyhood thoughts toward the King James version of the Bible.  

A college graduate and even a Bible teacher himself, Ken struggled to discern the true meaning of the scriptures.

The Living Bible---and Tyndale House Publishers.

Later, as a father, Ken longed to help his growing family understand the Bible, too---and the seeds of a worldwide ministry were planted.  Carefully paraphrasing the King James Version verse by verse, Ken created what became known as The Living Bible---and started a company called Tyndale House Publishers.

For a half century, until his death in 2005, Ken Taylor oversaw the writing, printing, and distribution of millions of pieces of literature that turned his early dreams into reality---helping people understand the Bible. ___________________________

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