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John Calvin:

Father of Reformed Theology

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By Sam Wellman

"The Church was in a terrible state.  He hoped to return it to a state of grace."

"Give me your gold and silver, and you will have forgiveness of all your sins!" shouted the priest to the wide-eyed crowd around him.  In sixteenth-century France, nothing scared people more than the thought of eternal damnation in hell.  And nothing sickened young John Calvin more than seeing people so mislead by the powerful Church of the day.

We are forgiven and saved by God's grace, he thought, not by any work we can do to earn our way into heaven.  Calvin's careful study of the Bible convinced him that Jesus' death on the cross is the only payment for eternal life---that salvation is a free gift to all who believe and repent of their sins.

Such radical thinking ignited a firestorm of protest from the Church.  Powerful officials accused John Calvin of trying to start a new religion---or worse, a new nation with the political power to overthrow the Church! ______________________________

2001 by Sam Wellman

Published by Barbour Publishing, Inc., Urichsville, Ohio ______________________________

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