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Hudson Taylor:

Founder, China Inland Mission

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James Hudson Taylor


Hudson Taylor went to China as an English Missionary at the age of twenty-one.  

Taylor resigned from his Mission Board to live on faith, trusting God to supply all his need, and determining not to ask anyone other than God for money.  He founded the China Inland Mission on the same principles.  

By the time of the Boxer Rebellion, half of all missionaries in China were from his organization.  

At the time of his death, the CIM included 205 Mission stations with over 800 missionaries and 125,000 Chinese Christians. __________________

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by Vance Christie

"Dear God, if You should give us a son, grant that he may work for you in China."

(-prayer of Hudson Taylor's parents, before he was born.) __________________________

The Christianity that Exists in China Today is Due Largely to the Efforts of This One Faithful Man

So prayed James and Amelia Taylor, who had their request entirely fulfilled by God.  They did have a son--James Hudson Taylor.  And this son would establish the China Inland Mission, a pioneering Gospel work in a previously un-reached country.

Hudson, as he was called, was not a healthy child.  For years his parents abandoned the thought that their son might one day serve as a missionary.  For years his parents abandoned the thought that their son might one day serve as a missionary.  But upon his conversion at age seventeen, Hudson offered himself to God's service, promising to go anywhere, do anything, and undergo whatever suffering Christ's cause might demand.  Distinctly, he heard God's call, "Then go for Me to China."

The China Inland Mission 

Determined to strengthen his faith by trusting God in all things, Hudson deprived himself of comfort, refused offers of generous financial support, and even found himself near death after contracting a dangerous fever in medical school.  Through it all, he pursued his mission with great zeal and dedication.  The Christianity that exists in China today is due largely to the efforts of this one faithful man.

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Asked Only God for Financial Support

In 1853, the twenty-one-year-old Taylor sailed for China as an agent of a new mission society.  He arrived in Shanghai the next spring and immediately began learning Chinese.  Funds from home rarely arrived, but Taylor was determined to rely upon God for his every need, and he never appealed for money to his friends in England. Repeatedly he later told others, "Depend upon it. God's work, done in God's way, will never lack for supplies."

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