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D. L. Moody:

The American Evangelist

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By Bonnie C. Harvey

"God has given me a lifeboat and said...'Moody, save all you can.' "

Dwight L. Moody could be called the Billy Graham of his generation.  But a more appropriate appellation might be "father of the American evangelical movement," for without Moody, the reaching of souls worldwide would likely have occurred decades later.  Moody's self-described "lifeboat" set sail for Great Britain in 1873 on a modest evangelistic tour. 

His ministry...was simply to save souls...

Appealing to audiences abroad with his heart-warming stories, Moody meant with immense success and returned a national hero.  From then on this shoe salesman from Massachusetts with a heart for America's struggling masses would not be silenced until he had realized "the evangelization of the world in this generation."  

Characteristic of Moody---and of Graham a generation later---was his desire to work independently of church denominations.  His ministry, without elaborate theological embellishment, was simply to save souls, and to that end, his vessel was never ashore.

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