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   Here I Stand:  A Life of Martin Luther

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Image: Drawing of Martin Luther in his Augustinian Monk's Habit. Martin Luther, an Augustinian Monk and the first Protestant. __________________

Roland H. Bainton was a minister, theologian, and Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Yale Divinity School. __________________

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Book Review: Martin Luther: The Great Reformer __________________

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"Unless I am convicted by Scripture and plain reason---I do not accept the authority of popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other---my conscience is captive to the Word of God.  

I cannot and I will not recant anything,  for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe.  

Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise.  God help me, Amen."

-Martin Luther (At his first hearing.)


Here I Stand

by Roland H. Bainton

"Excellent...Illuminating and Eloquent."  

-New York Times

Luther Entered a Monastery as a Youth

Here is an authoritative, unforgettable biography of Martin Luther, the great religious leader, who entered a monastery as a youth and who, as a man, shattered the structure of the medieval church.  Luther spoke out against the corrupt religious practices that then existed.  His demand that the authority for doctrine and practice be Scriptures, rather than Popes or Councils, echoed around the world and ignited the Great Reformation.  Accused of heresy and threatened with excommunication and death, Luther maintained his bold stand and refused to recant.  In his crusade to eliminate religious abuses, he did more than any other man to establish the Protestant Faith.

Luther Shattered the Structure of the Medieval Church

With sound historical scholarship and penetrating insight, Roland Bainton examines Luther's widespread influence.  He re-creates the spiritual setting of the sixteenth century, showing Luther's place within it and influence upon it.  Richly illustrated with more than 100 woodcuts and engravings from Luther's own time, Here I Stand dramatically brings to life Martin Luther, the great reformer. (-from the Back Cover). ______________________________ 

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  Image: Front Cover of the Book, "Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther."           

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"I cannot...I will not...recant!  Here I stand..."

"If anyone despise my fraternal warning, I am free from his blood in the last judgment.  It is better that I should die a thousand times than retract one syllable of the condemned articles.  And as they excommunicated me for the sacrilege of heresy, so I excommunicated them in the name of the sacred truth of God.  Christ will judge whose excommunication will stand.  Amen."

Martin Luther spoke these fateful words as he took his unyielding position against the abuses of the medieval church.  In this outstanding modern contribution to religious literature, Roland H. Bainton has created a vivid portrait of the man who, because of his unshakable faith in his God, helped bring about the Protestant Reformation. (-from the inside cover). 


Our Comments:

This book has been a favorite with some of us for over thirty years.  It makes you feel as if you are there, present at the Reformation.  Everything comes alive, and you feel that you know all the people involved in this amazing turning point in history.  Although Luther's flaws and mistakes are also honestly shown in this volume, one comes away with an awesome respect for this man of God, his sincerity, and his bedrock solid faith that enabled him to stand alone, one man against Church Hierarchy and Government Rulers, all wanting to put him to stand alone, one man seemingly against the entire world...and to triumph!  Changing forever both the world and its history!  Luther teaches us again God's lesson as seen in Abraham, as seen Jesus Christ, as seen in the Apostle Paul.  One life can make a difference.  One life can change the world.  One life can change all of history.  It asks of us all the simple question:

 "What are you doing with your life for Jesus Christ and God's Kingdom?"

-The Prayer Foundation ______________________________