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God's Smuggler

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Copyright 1967, 2001, by Brother Andrew and John and Elizabeth Sherrill.

Published by Chosen Books, a division of Baker Book House Co. ____________

Author: Brother Andrew

With John & Elizabeth Sherrill

10 Million Copies Printed.

"Tension builds page by page in this remarkable true document...more thrilling than a spy story with its numerous near escapes and mounting climaxes of danger."

-Los Angeles Times

A True-Life Thriller That Will Leave You Breathless!

As a boy, Brother Andrew dreamed of being an undercover spy working behind enemy lines.  As a man he found himself working undercover for God.  His was a mission filled with danger, financed by faith, supported by miracles.

Told it was impossible to minister behind the Iron Curtain, Andrew knew that nothing was too hard for God.

Do not let the guards see...  

Crossing "closed" borders, he prayed, "Lord, in my luggage I have Scripture I want to take to your children.  When you were on earth, You made blind eyes see.  Now, I pray, make seeing eyes blind.  Do not let the guards see those things You do not want them to see."  And they never did.

For 35 years, Brother Andrew's life story has inspired millions to step out on their own journeys of faith.  This young Dutch factory worker's near-incredible adventures testify of God's step-by-step guidance and hour-by hour provision---available to all who follow his call. ____________________________

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Far from being over, Brother Andrew's current adventures are his most challenging yet.  In a new prologue and Epilogue, the Sherrills carry his story into the new millenium with an account of Andrew's work in the "closed" societies of Islam. _______________________________

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