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God's Chosen Fast

A Spiritual and Practical Guide To Fasting

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Arthur Wallis

(Arthur Wallis has gone home to be with the Lord...his son Jon is currently the copyright holder).

"God's Chosen Fast"        Arthur Wallis 1968

Christian Literature Crusade

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034 __________________

"Fasting is important---more important, perhaps, than many of us have supposed, as I trust this book will reveal...when exercised with a pure heart, and a right motive, fasting may provide us with a key to unlock doors where other keys have failed; a window opening up new horizons in the unseen world; a spiritual weapon of God's providing, "mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.'  May God use this book to awaken many of his people to all the spiritual possibilities latent in the fast that God has chosen."             -Arthur Wallis ___________________


God's Chosen Fast

by Arthur Wallis

     Fasting was practiced, not only in Old Testament times, but by our Lord Himself, and by the early church.  

Why then do we not do it today?  That is not an easy question to answer.  It will be much harder after you've read this book.  

In a biblical, balanced, and yet highly practical treatment of the subject the author shows the power and blessing released by fasting to God.  

This book will leave most readers surprised and challenged.  Surprised that the Bible had so much to say on a subject that they had scarcely considered.  

Challenged as to whether they can continue to neglect such a valuable weapon that God has placed in their armoury.  

(-from the back cover of God's Chosen Fast).

 Best Book on Christian Fasting

     This is the best book on Christian Fasting that we have ever seen.  Some of us have been familiar with it, reading it over and over, for more than thirty years.

     Chapter headings include: Why Fast?; The Normal Fast; The Absolute Fast; The Partial Fast; When---Not If; and, What About Asceticism?

     This book covers a lot of what the Bible teaches about Fasting; both in the Old and New Testaments.  It  talks about what happens when you fast, both spiritually and physically. It talks about the correct way to "break" a fast.  The book also includes a Diary of a twenty-one day fast.    _____________________________________

"Before fasting you should check with your Doctor to make certain there are no heath risks in your particular case."  

-The Prayer Foundation ________________________________

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 The current edition is seen here (above).  We also have a beat-up, stained, and slightly raggedy copy (an original from 1968) of God's Chosen Fast,  a treasured copy that has been read by one of our Monks for over thirty years. _____________________________________

When Fasting is Inadvisable:

Q. Are there some illnesses or conditions that render fasting inadvisable?

A. In cases of serious undernourishment or nervous exhaustion, fasting is not recommended, unless for very short periods.  It should not be undertaken by diabetes patients, especially if insulin is in use.  Nor is it deemed advisable for expectant mothers.  If there is any doubt about fitness to fast, one should seek medical advice."         

(-from the Appendix to God's Chosen Fast). _____________________________________

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