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 The God Who Is There  

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Francis A. Schaeffer, founder of L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland, is the author of many books, including, The Mark of  the Christian; Escape From Reason; He is There and He is Not Silent; and the book and film; How Should We Then Live?

An agnostic youth who had rejected the Church, Francis August Schaeffer decided to read the Bible through.  After 6 months, he received Christ as his personal Saviour at the age of eighteen, and lived the next fifty years of his life in God's service. __________________

Second Edition: copyright 1982 by Francis A. Schaeffer.  All rights reserved.

Printed in America by InterVarsity Press, Downer's Grove, Illinois. __________________

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30th Anniversary Edition

"It is not 'just a religious book'; the Bible is rooted in space-time history and speaks of the totality of reality."

 "We not only believe in the existence of truth, but we believe we have the truth - a truth we can share with the twentieth-century world. Do you think our contemporaries will take us seriously if we do not practice truth? In an age that does not believe that truth exists, do you really believe that we will have credibility if we do not practice truth...?"

-Francis A. Schaeffer

"No one has more profoundly influenced my ministry than Francis Schaeffer, the great prophet of our age.  If the one result of my writings and ministry were to get people to read Schaeffer, I'd consider my work fully rewarded."

-Charles Colson, Prison Fellowship Ministries

God, Science, History, Art

     For over thirty years The God Who Is There has been the landmark book that changed the way the church sees the world.  Here we learn where the clashing ideas about God, science, history and art came from and where they are going. ______________________________

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    Our Comments:

    "It is hard to imagine now, but thirty years ago (the early seventies), when I first read The God Who Is There, seemingly the only intellectual Christian writing (that was also sound doctrinally) was coming from the pens of C. S. Lewis and Francis A. Schaeffer.  The works of these two men were a breath of fresh air, both in the Christian Community, and in the world as a whole.  In the three decades since, nothing written by any other Christian writer has surpassed the works of these two giants of the Faith."

    -Monk Preston, Co-Founder and President, The Prayer Foundation ______________________________

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