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For Kirk and Covenant:

The Stalwart Courage of John Knox

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Leaders In Action

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Author: Douglas Wilson

(General Editor: George Grant)

"This study of the life, character, and ministry of John Knox makes a valuable contribution to an understanding of the Reform Movement, particularly during the sixteenth century in Scotland.  Its accuracy is enhanced by the selected words of Knox which reflect the courage, the intellect, and the proactive faith of this spiritual giant.  This book will be accepted as an important building block, not only of Presbyterian doctrine, but of the literature of theology in general."

- D. James Kennedy, Ph.D. (Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and Chancellor of Knox Theological Seminary, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Knox: A Giant Among Leaders

At a time when others cowered in complacent acquiescence, John Knox stood boldly and fearlessly in the face of the political and religious tyranny and corruption of medieval Scotland. Although Knox is probably best know for his frequent clashes with Mary, Queen of Scots, this concise examination of his life and character explores the important roles Knox played as the father of Scotch Presbyterianism and in the reformation of that entire region.

...reforming church and culture...  

A leader uniquely qualified for the task of reforming church and culture, he fulfilled the call of greatness with a spirit of genuine humility.

...a side of Knox that history has neglected...

This book explores a side of Knox _________________________

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that history has neglected--his tenderness, love, and mercy--and calls us to recover the spiritual heritage that he exemplified so well.         __________________________

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