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Fire of the North:

The Illustrated Life of St. Cuthbert

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David Adam is the Vicar of Holy Island (Lindisfarne, off Scotland), where his work involves ministering to thousands of pilgrims and other visitors.  He was born in Alnwick, Northumberland, and worked as a coal miner before being ordained. 

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"Above all else he was afire with heavenly love."

-The Venerable Bede (writing of Cuthbert in his book: The Ecclesiastical History of the English People)

Celtic Spirituality

St. Cuthbert (634-687 A.D.) is a central figure in Celtic Christianity whose influence is still felt throughout the country.  David Adam tells his story, drawing out the qualities which make him so important today.

Each chapter contains a new, specially composed prayer by David Adam so that we can all experience for ourselves the direct force of Celtic Spirituality.  This part of our heritage is seen vividly in Cuthbert, with his ready sense of God's presence and eager response to nature.

Fire of the North is beautifully illustrated by Jean Freer showing the dramatic landscapes which form the backdrop to Cuthbert's life.  Line drawings of Celtic symbols and pictures make this special book ideal for anyone interested in Celtic Britain.  (-from the Back Cover).

Our Comments:

Fire of the North tells the inspiring story of the life of Cuthbert.  He worked as a shepherd, became a Monk as a teenager because of, and at the time of Aidan's death.  He became a religious Hermit and was noted for his love of God's creatures.  He tried to save the Eider Duck from extinction (and did; they're still around today), so he may be considered the world's first conservationist.  He was appointed as a Celtic missionary Bishop of Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and spent two years traveling among and preaching in missionary evangelism to the Northern English.  After this he retired to his beloved hermitage for one last year before he went home to be with the Lord.  He was only 53 years old when he died.

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